Monday, July 21, 2008


They don't know me from Casey Jones, but they did right by the kids and my wife this past weekend up there in Phoenicia. Kept the Noodle and Beast entertained, absolutely buried them with arcane trainy details whose importance won't emerge in Beast's world for another year or three when he will explain to me the specs of the typical E2 Class 0-6-0T locomotive. It was 90something down here in the valley, but up there in the mountains under the trees, rolling down the tracks, sitting...

Sitting was what made my darling wife the happiest. Just to take a load off and enjoy the scenery for once.

Anyway, up in the Catskills it wasn't the shvitzfest it was down here where the Pepere and I got about two-thirds of the way through installing a new floor for the master bedchamber. I am the Pergo freakin' king, man. And by the way I'm digressing all over creation with this post, being cooped up in the bedroom with a bunch of flooring planks has made me (more) hinky. Back to the train, now. is where they're at. It's a straight shot out 28 from Thruway exit 19. Just keep going, and you'll know you're close when the tracks cross the road. A more peaceful 90 minutes with kids you will not find while awake.

14 bucks for the grown-ups, eight for kids 4-11 (but they let Noodle slide even though she's almost 5), free for the wee ones like Beast. That is one tremendous deal.

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