Sunday, January 4, 2009


Note the luxurious expansiveness of the taco depicted on the box:

Note what it looks like on the plate. Folded like the Mets in September:

And you're supposed to fit food into this Yes, the tacos were all of the same general shape, and this wasn't the first time it had happened. Clipping coupons, waiting for them to go on sale...for this. Yeah, great. Maybe if I had an equine syringe I could have managed to get some guacamole or refried beans in there, but that's about all. Noodle in particular was PO'd in the way that only a tired five-year-old girl in full Princess mode can be.

The ManTM may have won this round, but I haven't written a nice juicy nastygram in quite some time. I'm due.

(takes itty-bitty batting donut off his pen, cracks knuckles, gets busy)

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