Tuesday, June 17, 2008


This much I suspected...
Japanese scientists from Keio University have found that pigeons have self-cognitive abilities higher than 3-year-old humans. They have 'trained pigeons to discriminate real-time self-image using mirrors as well as videotaped self-image, and proved that pigeons can recognize video images that reflect their movements as self-image.' Until recently, it was widely admitted that only humans and primates such as chimpanzees could recognize images of themselves. Now, researchers have found that dolphins or elephants also could do it. But these Japanese scientists have proven that pigeons also were able to do it -- and even discriminate paintings of Van Gogh from Chagall.

Well, heck - they fly around enough art museums, you'd think they'd pick it up sooner or later.

At least my kids don't leave fifty tons of sh*t on the Foreign Office roof.

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