Friday, June 27, 2008


Staggering to the end of the school year as well - and that's only with Noodle and the Ravenous Maw in nursery school. Once the K-12 years begin, oy. On top of it, coming up we've got an overnight weekend trip to Woonsocket (from the ancient Wampanoag term for "place to plug in your woon") for the great-grandfather's 90th birthday celebration. Noodle is named after his late wife, which is what we like to think has helped keep him chugging along. The guy's got more hair on top of his head than I do, and can still pull off the white sport coat / yellow shirt / plaid pants look. Chicks dig him.

So we drag out the air mattress for our son, and amazingly the cheap Chinese electric pump, she no work. He's still a little small for sleeping on the big bed with me, so it's either lots of laboring over the foot pump on a hot summer's evening after a six-hour drive or a trip to the sporting-goods purveyors today for another pump.

Yeah, that's what I thought too.

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