Tuesday, September 9, 2008


There goes our little Noodle, off to dazzle the rest of the world with her intellect.

And in the open space on the bottom goes "To not kick my baby brother even if he did wear my princess hat."

That was orientation day, only 90 minutes. The real first day was the next day. And away we go:

Here's Noodle on the bus. Not in the back with the hoods and greasers, not in the front with the goody two-shoeses. Just right:

I thought there was going to be drama and blubbering the first day, but nope. It's a lot different than when I headed off to kindergarten with a swat on the behind and a "See you when you're 17". Now there's an orientation assembly with parents and kids the first day, and us nervous parents can ask the teachers and principals whatever silly questions pop into our addled heads. I, for one, learned that there was nothing to the rumor that Padma Lakshmi was going to be the school's lunchlady this year. (Drat, said the dads.)

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