Friday, May 29, 2009


There's a new American Girl doll making its debut. More stuff to buy our princesses, should they be so inclined:

The pre-tween set is abuzz with the rumor that the newest American Girl doll is Jewish. Officials at the Wisconsin-based company confirm that she is, indeed, a Jewish character, calling her “a lively girl from New York City,” but have embargoed her name and most other story details until May 29th.

That being today, we can say that the girl's name will be...Rebecca Rubin.

The company, started by a Wisconsin woman in 1982 and bought by Mattel in 1998 is indeed part of the entertainment-industrial complex, but I’ve found the dolls a welcome relief from the Barbie doll universe, which is dominated by dolls in makeup, clothes and heels that look more appropriate for grown-up play in the old Times Square than they do play for little girls.

And so skinny, the shiksa goddess Barbie Dolls. Ach, they must eat like birds...

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