Thursday, October 7, 2010


Here are some helpful things to shout at the end of "Dora the Explorer" episodes, when she asks what your favorite part was. Quizzical looks from your children 50% guaranteed!

Now get you in the spirit...what was your favorite part?
  • The part where Sonny gets whacked at the tollbooth!
  • The part where the Nazis open the Ark and totally melt and stuff
  • The part where the centurion gives Brian lessons in Latin
  • Phoebe Cates in the red bikini
  • The part where the music stops and Peter says "A flower?"
  • John Henry Bonham...Moby Dick!

Your contributions, as always, are welcome.

1 comment:

Ted said...

Hilarious. I too, am often wrangled into conversations - except it is about the Backyardigans. Funny, my favorite Backyardigans disc also has a Bonham Moby Dick episode. You know the one where Uniqua drives around in the hot rod? I can't watch the one with Tyrone climbing the mountain and meeting the dude with the lantern though. Too Creepy.