Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Welcome to Boogerland, and profuse thanks to The Presurfer for floating a plug my way. Come and set a spell; I hope you'll find it comfy. Allow me to introduce ourselves. First, that's me in the lederhosen up top. Ach du lieber, are those some sexy legs or what? Next come my amazing wife (Her Awesomeness) and the spawnlings:

That's my charming son (Beast a/k/a Li'l Sarlacc a/k/a The Ravenous Maw), fresh and clean from the tub and attempting to jam his bath crayon up my wife's nose.

The best birthday present I ever got: my sweet Noodle.

Captured herein are the tales of our adventures, along with whatever catches my fancy when my attention inevitably wanders. Once again, welcome.

ADDENDUM: And in the spirit of what the Presurfer did for me, you can drop me an email if you'd like a blogplug. It's not like throngs hang on my every utterance, but what the hey.

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danelle said...

You don't look old enough to have kids that age. (hee)
You're on my google reader now, found you via Presurfer - whee!