Friday, October 31, 2008


Life ain't fair, kid. Beast got just one extra Halloween, yesterday, at the day care center he and Noodle attend, whereas the big sister gets a second extra Halloween today at her school - featuring a parade of extreme cuteness, and thanks to The ManTM Keeping Me Down A Little Early, I'll be able to watch and photograph the proceedings. The little diva has -two- different princess outfits - yesterday's was the standard E-Z-Tear getup from Walmart, today's is a whole 'nother level, purchased at Story Land in New Hampshire back on summer vacation when we had that kind of money.

This one's got the tasseled pointy hat, y'all.

But why do the princess shoes have to be so. damn. narrow? Did Cinderella's evil stepsisters get jobs in R&D for Amalgamated Plastic Princess Shoe of Shanghai?

Last night Noodle got out of bed and wasn't supposed to do that, but then the little lady told me she did it to get a picture of me off her dresser, to sleep with all night long.

Aww. There's something in daddy's eye.

The Beast will have to go quite a ways to top that kind of spontaneous adorableness, but he'll try his darndest when he wakes up. Any minute now.

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