Sunday, November 9, 2008


Awww, yeah. There is nothing better on a Sunday afternoon in November:

And to make it sweeter still, for once My Gigantic Pasty White Bald SpotTM isn't in the picture. My dermatologist told me I'd better get something done about it before helicopters try to land on my head.

My head is not the sort that would be aesthetically pleasing without hair. I'm the anti-Ed Harris in that regard. First, it's huge, my head. A virtual planetoid. Asymmetrical, also. And then there's blotches and uneven bits and flat areas and a chickenpox scar shaped exactly like the Great Red Spot of Jupiter, only just a little smaller. Put me and my cranium over in the category "Put That Away, Would You? We're Trying To Eat" with Don Zimmer and Uncle Fester - and remember, at least Zim can wear a cap when he's on the job and Fester's supposed to be horrifying.

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e.f. said...

There's nothing like the sound of kid's laughter. Makes it worth getting up in the morning.