Monday, November 10, 2008


I have been informed, in a constructive way, that this blog's color scheme would put Hieronymus Bosch off his lunch.

Yes, I've had a design tweak in mind, but when I spend my days thinking like a three-year-old it's hard to upshift into geekliness, especially when said geekliness hasn't gotten a serious workout in decades.

I'm also pondering a way to set up podcasts here, for those of you who simply can't do without the sound of my voice after 19 years of having it inflicted on you at the top and bottom of every hour every weekday morning.

But for now, zonk-time.


e.f. said...

Add me to the list of those whose mornings are not the same since one of my two most reassuring voices of the morning have left my radio. I have my alarm clock set to 5:58am just to give me a two second window to make sure I wouldn't miss the 6:00am news. I used to leave the radio on while I got my daughter and myself dressed for the day, but not anymore. It may sound a little pathetic (I know) but when my 5 year old's voice is pretty much the only one I hear for the day, it's nice to rely on a nice adult one once in a while.

Brian Jones said...

Thanks very much for thinking so highly of my work. As for the podcasts here, they probably won't start at 5:58 in the morning unless I get a microphone cord that's long enough to go from the kitchen to the garage so I don't wake up the kids. It's looking more like a 9am-ish thing, and maybe another one in the evening. Again, all this hinges on my geek skills, Daniel's patience and Maria getting to the bus on time.

Again, thanks - and tell your friends where I'm at!