Friday, December 12, 2008


One bad thing about getting the power back on after it's been out for long enough is that every bit of junk that was lying around when the power went out is still there, but the alarm on the sump pump down in the crawl space at least stops howling like one of the Nazgûl once the power's back, and since the pile of scoodge-encrusted dishes in the sink are now merrily being cleaned in the dishwasher we will score this as a win for having electricity.

Oh, but has it ever thrown off Noodle and Beast's schedule. They've been down at Mémère and Pépère's having a barrel of laughs on their second straight unscheduled day off...and that means no FREAKIN' way were there going to be naps, but they WILL zonk out in The Awesomemobile (wife's car, if you haven't gathered) on the way home, making for one tremendous challenge to get them from sleeping in the car to sleeping in their beds. I'm hoping the restarted oil burner can heat the house in time, otherwise we've got a Phil Collins song on our hands:

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