Friday, February 8, 2008


The big end-of-the-day timesaver is to get Noodle and Beast into the tub together so we can hose 'em down and get them ready for beddy-bye time more quickly. Lots of luck getting that to happen; there's usually crying and howling and mishegoss and Her Awesomeness and I can't figure out why for love nor money. Nor can we figure out why the fighting doesn't happen sometimes. Like last night. Beast had an appointment with the otto...oto...otolaryngi... ear doctor, which due to its scheduling necessitated dinner out (a whole other project right there), so there goes our militarily precise schedule.

And yet...

We drive home and the Noodle asks nicely for the "horse and tail song" instead of howling for it when she hears something she doesn't like; instead of the usual transition battles the little ones marched smartly inside, put their boots neatly into the tray, and since they weren't getting their hair cut they didn't have to move each other's clothes down to the lower peg and report to Mr Viney that they've had their chit signed. And into the tub they went. Adorableness and splashing ensued...and not the usual squalling!...followed by butt-nekkid toddlers tear-assing into the living room because they were so good we figured they'd earned a bit of TV while they got their jammies on. Beast likes The Incredibles, as it turns out.

Most amazing of all, they went to bed with only a bare minimum of grousing, and the Noodle even deigned to give me a smooch before dozing off in her pile of stuffed animals.

We have no idea why it went so well.

Today we will return to our regularly scheduled chaos and madness.

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