Thursday, February 7, 2008


Had some folks 'round these parts calling the radio station all atwitter because their polling places were closed on Tuesday - that was because most polling places in New York didn't open until noon. I remain gratified that there are New Yorkers with shorter attention spans than mine.

Look. Shiny! What? Oh.

I also remain gratified that there were voters in Wisconsin, Virginia and Texas who showed up a week or two early for their primaries, and positively delighted that Florida remains our champion for electoral cluelessness. Great job showing up a week late there, Floridians:
"It's funny that they want to argue with us about it," said Janet Olin, assistant elections supervisor. "We absolutely have had more than a handful, and they are a handful."

Many thanks to Florida elections officials for keeping these folks occupied, and thus less likely to come up here where they might (gasp) drive.

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