Friday, March 14, 2008


I mention it because Thursday was World Kidney Day, which sounds like a bizarre observance unless somebody you love has had something gone wrong with their kidneys - like our sweet Noodle, who contracted an obscure type of autoimmune-triggered vasculitis called Henoch Schönlein purpura a couple of years ago and had it get to her kidneys, doing who knows what in the way of damage. That's my girl, picking up the condition whose name is in German and Latin. She's still on blood-pressure medicine and probably will be for quite a while to come, and every time she gets any kind of yesterday...we wonder if it's her immune system going hinky again and the HSP coming out of remission, and we get busy collecting urine samples for the doctors. We collect sterile urine-sample cups the way other people collect beer steins.

I mention all this a day late because yesterday wound up being yet another one of those aww-crap schedule-blown-all-to-hell days as a result, and I completely spaced on posting this. I did remember the post about telling Beast not to put poo in his toy shopping cart. (Nice priorities, Dad!)

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