Monday, March 10, 2008


O, how I was hoping to avoid politics and my day job intruding here, but this is too big.

(Hang on. Noodle and Beast are hugging each other. "Awwwwww" break.)

The analysis I'll leave to the chin-strokers. From me, a quick rundown of some other things that Eliot Spitzer could've done with his money instead of hiring a hooker:
  • light up every high-school football stadium in Texas for one hour ($4200)
  • an hour on a really sweet private jet ($4200) or a tank ($5000)...or Air Force One (Reagan-era) ($5200)
  • an hour's billing for a tobacco litigator ($4000)
  • a car that goes 180mph in a wind tunnel, without moving ($4000)
  • one hour of a typical cheesy wedding ($5000...more in Jersey)

It's late, and since the governor didn't up and quit yet, I'm to bed.

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