Monday, March 10, 2008


Not for a moment do I envy anybody with an infant this time of year. All that work to get the li'l critter on a schedule and WHOMP, you lose an hour. Here's a trick that worked well for us yesterday. Two words:

Road trip.

Since your kid's schedule is screwed anyway, might as well accept the inevitable and make something of the day, thus:

An hour or so after breakfast, pile the kids into the car and head for a destination that's about a nap's length away. They'll have their zonk-out in the mid-to-late morning, wake up in time for lunch, have a bit of fun, not nap in the afternoon, and with any luck they'll be sleepy an hour early.

It has to be better than trying to noodge the kids' schedules by 15 minutes every week for a month, twice a year.

Bonus: if you take the kids to a museum or a zoo and spring for a membership, the two trips a year generally pay for themselves and then some, plus you get a tax deduction.

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