Wednesday, March 19, 2008


And once again my trusty buck-and-a-quarter quarterstaff bends my beak up into my face.

Noodle is a fiendish bedtime duellist, you see - always on the look for an angle to stay up just a few minutes longer, and now she's got me trapped by means of the "I'm scared" card. Scared of what, she will not say - if I could pry that info out of her I'd deploy the monster-spray and such - but should I get any farther away than her bedroom door the caterwauling begins.

Or she lays on the cute, real thick-like. "I want a cud-dle, Dad-dy". Chin-quiver and all.

We had a nice thing going for a while, where she got two or three stories tops, and if she wasn't tired enough at that point she could play quietly with her Leap-pad and let us know when she was tired, which usually only took a few minutes and out she went. But now she calls me in under the pretext of wanting to go to sleep, then springs the one-more-story, one-more-cuddle on me. Tricksy.

Her Awesomeness can't help, because she's putting Beast to bed...and if he's still making noise, then Noodle hears it and doesn't want to miss out on the fun.

On top of all this, Noodle has learned that if she has to go potty in the middle of the night and wants to be rid of those ghastly overnight diapers, she has to get up and actually go to the bathroom...but instead of asking quietly for help she goes right to freak-out mode, a true joy at 2 in the morning. Today, she's home with me with a bit of a cold, and has enjoyed kicking my butt at Candyland and of course has used the markers to draw all over her feet to make footprints because we don't have a stamp pad big enough for her size-12s.

Long as I got all the footprints cleaned off the walls, nobody need be the wiser.

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