Tuesday, May 13, 2008


To recap:

I got started on this quest last week upon reading a wire-service story that drinks prices on Metro North were going up as of May 1, and that a glass...okay, plastic cup...of the house wine is now going to run a thirsty commuter $5.50. Who knew that our venerable commuter railroad has a house wine? My search for a Metro-North drinks cart on Saturday was fruitless. I was rushing to make the 7 train to Shea beforehand, and rushing to make the 5:26 back to Poughkeepsie afterwards plus grabbing some last-minute Mother's Day trinkets. I didn't look that hard, but I didn't see any cart; maybe they're not there on Saturdays.

Saving my bacon is (irony abounds) Sobriety Girl, who tells me with authority, via the purveyor of said libations at Grand Central a/k/a "the dude at the cart," that Metro North's house wine is Glen Ellen - seed-free since 1998!

And now you know. Onward to Amtrak...

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