Friday, May 9, 2008


They got booked for a thingy with Mémère and Pépère on Saturday, so it's me catching up with some old college friends down at Shea for the Mets and my beloved last-place Reds, and doing Mother's Day with the Nana and Her Awesomeness on Sunday. There was an outside chance the kids were going to come along to the game, but then Her Awesomeness had to go and see this, from that Mets game in LA the other day:

And now she's nervous about next month's Yankees-Reds tilt at the Stadium, because my seats are right on the railing over the right-field corner. She's concerned that Abreu might not have the range to catch a kid if one of them goes over.

Since they're building Citi Field in the Shea parking lot, I'm taking trains to the game - and that'll give me a chance to report back to you on what the house wine is for Metro North. $5.50 a cup now, that much I know.

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