Sunday, May 4, 2008


We were hoping to transition the little guy from his crib straight to a big-boy bed, just like we did with Noodle - but later this year, when we could better afford a new mattress. Alas, the crib rail gave way today and there's no way we're dealing with the idiots at Delta Crib any more. The suck, they are. Nice solid wooden crib...crappy plastic parts holding it together. We had complained to them earlier that one of their crib rail guides had fallen apart on us, they first said they could only send us a replacement for ten bucks or some ridiculous amount of money for a six-inch piece of plastic. Then, when we mentioned the magic words "Consumer Product Safety Commission", they got a part right out to us.

It was the wrong part.

We grumbled and locked the crib rail in the highest possible position until such time as we could afford the new mattress, and that worked fine until this morning. Off I go to Kingston to find a new toddler bed. Let's see, there's a crappy plastic Dora bed, a crappy plastic Cars bed, and waaaay in the back a plain white old-school tubular steel bed for 15 bucks cheaper than anything else.

Done. The assembly was fairly sane, and Beast is loving his new bed, plus there's a lot more floor space in his room. So fark, so good. He may decide wander off into the kitchen for a beer at 1 in the morning, but we'll handle that contingency as it comes.

In the meantime, I've hidden the opener. It's someplace where I won't be able to find it when I could really use a beer. (IT'S UNDERNEATH YOUR OLD GLASSES, MORON. There. That should do nicely.)

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