Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I'm going to keep trying the hypermiling thing with my minivan, since the gas mileage first time out jumped from 19.5 to about 21, and that was with a lot of driving in the mountains covering the Minnewaska fire. The people who are fanatical about it will take all kinds of unusual measures but some strike me as unwise, like over-inflating tires to reduce rolling friction. I'll be trying to keep my hypermiling within what would be a safe and realistic frame for a typical driving family.

I started at work, by parking closer to the road, so I don't have to drive that extra hundred feet or so. That's one less mile I will drive every ten weeks!

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renamecor said...

Great blog, and I agree with you on some of the hypermiling fanatics. Somethings that they do are very extreme, so I like you perform more of the more 'common sense' driving techniques, those which 'extreme hypermilers' might refer to as the 'basics'. However, it does help does help our family out a little because we are spending less on fuel, every little adds up.

I did my own little article on hypermiling, here it is ;