Wednesday, April 16, 2008


(I'll be dropping this one off at parenthacks to see what they think of it - they liked my first one about the headlamp very well indeed. Here goes...)

The kids used to really enjoy corn on the cob. It's a fun shape, it's noisy, it's good for them...but as with all foods for the little ones, sometimes you need to tart up the presentation to keep them interested. And what entertains the little ones more than druids, hm?

Tonight we had boiled up the usual ears of corn, but they sat uneaten at the table until yours truly got the idea to cut them into thirds, then re-stack them on the plate in the form of the place where the banshees live (and they do live well). After that came om nom nom nomsville, y'all.

Oh, of course. Here are the lads:

UPDATE: there really is a Cornhenge - in Dublin, Ohio. Not edible like mine, though. And not very hengey, if you ask me.

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