Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Noodle has done three nights out of four falling asleep without help, and as of bathtime she's psyched to go for four. We'll see.

In the meantime, the family has ditched the calming pre-bedtime routine favored by experts everywhere, seeing as it didn't seem to work in the least. Instead, there's the post-dinner wig-out, culminating in the march to the bathroom during which I pick up Beast and pretend he's a set of bagpipes, holding him upside down while making the loudest possible fart noises I can on his chubby (but no longer stubby) little legs.

I don't know what your household calls them, but here in Boogerland the fart-noise-on-leg (or tummy, or rump) is referred to as a "zotz". Is there another word? Inquiring minds need to know.

UPDATE: She's at four!

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