Thursday, April 10, 2008


If one of your ten toes is a bit banged-up, or is suffering a hangnail or whatnot, that's the toe that you will slam into a chair while walking through the kitchen barefoot.

Ratzafratzin' blankety-blankety poopyheaded YEEOUCH D'OH D'OH D'OOOOOHHHHHH is what I said, because the kids were there and if there's one thing I somehow manage to get right around the kids, it's not using so many cuss words. Her Awesomeness has slipped every now and again, but so far not me. (Jinx.) It's an area in which being an otherwise shiftless radio personality has helped me, since it's a professional responsibility to be aware of the seven dirty words and such.

Plus I figure cursing is like hot peppers - occasionally a judicious amount of spice is needed, but you don't slather the stuff all over everything unless you like having the as-- having considerable lower-intestinal issues later on.

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