Thursday, January 17, 2008


John McHale, the first president of the late great Montreal Expos, has died at age 86. Funeral services will be interrupted by a pallbearers' strike, and will then resume in Puerto Rico when none of the Canadian mourners show up.

Kidding aside, I really do miss the Expos, and McHale was a big reason for their thriving in Montreal. And they did thrive, kids. Until that damnable strike. I regret never having made it to Stade Olympique for a game until '99, although the then-future Her Awesomeness and I did get walk-up seventh-row seats behind the plate.

I can't get behind the Expos' incarnation in DC; after all, Montreal in August is much more pleasant than DC in August...or July, or June, or September, or pretty much any month that doesn't have cherry blossoms in it.

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