Monday, January 21, 2008


The Beast has been irritable of late, and with good reason. Despite our finest hygienic efforts, the Beast's little beast is infected - and if the medicine and follow-up visits to the pediatric urologist don't have the hoped-for result, it could be snipsville for the little fella. Which we were trying to avoid these past two years or so, seeing as there's no religious reason for us to circumcise the Beast and we'd just as soon let it be his choice down the road.

And twelve years or so from now he'll be so happy we shared all this.

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Claudia said...

My sister had this problem with her son a few years ago. Something about how her doctor told her to pull the foreskin back and clean it everyday. Well, she did but it got red and infected. She was then seeing a new pediatrician (due to insurance changes). The new doctor told her the new guidelines are to do nothing with it but simple rinsing (no soap and no pulling the foreskin back). Within about a week of leaving it alone the little problem (no pun intended) cleared right up.
My nephew was about to begin toilet training at the time and I personally think all the diapers could have been irritating him too.
I'm assuming said nephew has been fine ever since because I haven't heard anymore about it. I know he didn't have the surgery.
So maybe just leave it alone a while and see if it helps. At the very least, you could get a second opinion from another doctor or a urologist (mentioned because my sis said the new doctor said some docs don't know a lot about foreskin care since many middle aged people don't have one and it wasn't really taught in school - whew! a run on!).
Good luck to your little beast. I'd be irritable too if I had a problem going on down there!