Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Whoopee, there's nothing like Albany in January, as Mr. Waits and Mr. Nicholson can attest.

Her Awesomeness is taking the Beast to the GP today and to the pediatric urologist at Albany Med tomorrow to get his whizzination situation looked at. Stupid us, we thought we were shot of that place since the Noodle's unpronounceable kidney ailment appears to have settled down somewhat and we only have to get her checked out every six months.

And since Wednesday's to be a festive road trip as well as a doctor's visit, Beast will be seeking out a good pizza joint in Albany, not too far from the hospital. Suggestions?

I wonder if it has dawned on other residents of the Northern Dutchess area that thanks to the magic of the DOT decreeing interminable traffic signals for every Route 9 curb-cut in sight, it now easily takes less time to drive from (say) Red Hook or Rhinebeck to Albany than it does to drive from Red Hook or Rhinebeck to Poughkeepsie or Wappingers. 9G to the Rip van Winkle to the Thruway and zip, you're there...or even 9 to 9H back to 9 to 90, if you want your itinerary to be more rustic and sound more like a track off the White Album.

Also today is the Noodle's first-ever ballet recital. I figure in about seven hours we'll be wobbly in the knees from the sheer force of cuteness exuded by a gaggle of four-year-old girls in tutus.

After that comes the electrician and the mold-remediation guys and the roofer and the garage-door guy, and probably a blizzard - because there's just not enough on our plate.

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