Thursday, January 17, 2008


Giants fans have been spending this week obsessively checking the Weather Channel for the long-range forecast for the NFC title game at Green Bay - as of right now it's calling for tailgate-party Sunday highs of 6 degrees. Which means it'll be colder come game time, which is around 5:30 Green Bay time.


ESPN is running a great feature on what you need to know about foul-weather football. If your team plays in a dome or someplace down south like Miami or Dallas or Arizona or San Diego, you can skip that link. This one's strictly for the menfolk.

And of course we have the politicos from New York and Wisconsin exchanging pre-game bets. Which is problematic for the Wisconsinites when they're betting against Bloomberg and Schumer and bratwurst is treif. It's a good thing they like their fatty food in Wisconsin and have plenty of plan B's.

Meanwhile, here's Giuliani giving a Packers fan the brushoff. Congrats to him for finally figuring out the right way to handle this after his rooting-for-the-Sawx fiasco of last fall, but the really smart move would have been to sign the hat


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