Monday, January 28, 2008


There's an endlessly-entertaining (and occasionally sad) searchable list of the state's baby-name database at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

There are 147 Georgia girls named Chanel, 31 named Cinnamon, 1,435 named Diamond

Gentlemen, now on the main stage, c'mon and put your hands together for the lovely...

And if your daughter's name sounds like it would fit nicely at the end of that previous sentence, get yourself down to the courthouse and pick out a nice Mildred or Ethel for her.

The thing that freaked me out the most about the list is that somebody in Georgia used the name Britney...for their son.

UPDATE: Poking around in that list sure is addicting. Here's what I found in the Georgia database.

1401 Jakes, 2 Elwoods.
17 Caesars, 18 Ceasars. (2 Neros.) (0 Caligulas.)
14 Ethels, 60 Mildreds, 99 Elmers, 93 Gladyses, 0 Hortenses.
87 Lesters. 230 Maddoxes (210 boys and 20 girls).
1 Adolf. 1 Stalin. 1 Saddam.
2 Toyotas, 24 Fords, 50 Chevys (40 boys, 10 girls), 0 Chryslers, 0 Hondas.
1 Samwise, no Frodos.

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