Monday, January 14, 2008


It started while potty-training the Beast.

As is customary, when he's done his business in the potty we slather on the praise with extreme enthusiasm, complete with Tiger Woods fist-pumps and end-zone celebrations worthy of Chad Johnson (or as worthy as they can be in a 40-square-foot bathroom). So far so good, but the Beast has deduced that since we're so delighted with his potty-related ventures, he can show us anything he extracts from within himself and we'll also react with over-the-top delight. And thus...

Behold: the nose goblin.

Not wanting to send our little fella mixed messages, and believing him too young for a nuanced explanation of eliminative procedures of the north end vis-a-vis eliminative procedures of the south end, I made the mistake of telling the Beast "that's a lovely booger".

(paulharvey)And now you know the REST of the story...(/paulharvey)

Encouraged by my fatherly approval, the Beast now presents -all- of his nostrilaceous product to us for appraisal. And sometimes his older sister the Noodle joins in the fun as well.

All about class, that's us.

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