Wednesday, January 9, 2008


You can find those Golden Arches most anywhere in the world where the roads are paved, and the French long ago tried to chase off culinary Americanisms...but somehow, the mighty bread bowl, that staple of Super Bowl parties, poker nights and baby showers has never crossed the Atlantic to England. Until now.
David Williams, the managing director of Butt Foods, which has developed the idea, admits: "Our banks, our investors all thought we were crackers. But we've now proved them wrong."

Yeah, Butt Foods. Talk about your branding headaches. I could've sworn with a name like that they'd have been around since the 1500s, but they were birthed in 1990. Points to them for not falling for the branding craze - over here their company would have been named eStarch or Bredilent or some such idiocy.

So how does one serve jellied sheep's lungs in a bread bowl?

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