Friday, January 11, 2008


May 6, 1982 was a special day for nerds like me, because that's when Asia in all its utterly uncool prog-pop magnificence played the Mid-Hudson Civic Center.

And now after 25 years they're back with their original lineup of Geoff Downes, John Wetton, Steve Howe and Carl Palmer, and with a new album too. Roger Dean is back to do the cover and everything. I can feel my teenage acne and social awkwardness returning even as I type!


Says here they're playing the Paramount Center in Peekskill in April, but that's as close as they're coming unless you feel like roadtripping it to Mohegan Sun. And me, it looks like my 2008 concert budget is going to be splurged on taking my wife to next month's Lyle Lovett/John Hiatt show in Kingston, and any future prog spending goes to the five-man Genesis reunion, whenever that might happen.

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